The wilful toddler

Guess who completely forgot it was Wednesday yesterday and didn’t write the blog? It might be nearly two years on, but I am always going to use the excuse mum brain.

No-one is as determined as a toddler. If Ava wants something, she will do everything in her power to do it. She’ll try the lovey, dovey approach which is quickly followed by the throwing herself on the floor and screaming. Can I just say, Ava has mastered the tantrum because in the kitchen she knows it’s a hard floor so she will slowly go down and fall so gently whilst making sure you are looking at her yet upstairs on the carpet she is down on that floor in an instant. When she has these tantrums, if its been a long week I’ll be down on that floor crying with her (not literally but I have thought about it) or I just ignore her because I will not to entertain it.

Regardless, If I say no to her, whatever it is she wants she will try and attempt to get it herself. It’s a bit unrealistic darling because the chocolate and biscuits are kept up in a high place, but I love your determination….

It doesn’t matter how much you try and follow the ‘rules’ about raising a child, if they don’t want to do something/want something they will make you very much aware of it!!!!!!

I’ll admit it, if Ava is screaming in my ear for something she wants I do try and be the strong one but sometimes I really cannot face the argument so if Ava wants a biscuit at 8am in the morning she is getting it. I am very aware people have opinions on it and yes I know it isn’t the best thing for her and yes I encourage a healthy diet most of the time but what I do not appreciate are the mum police telling me what I should be feeding my child …. I know!! If that is a parents choice and it works well for you then that is great and keep doing what you’re doing but don’t make me feel any less of a mother because I’ve given my child sugar – it’s not often!

I am that mum that uses bribery and I’m not afraid to say it. Ava hates going in her car seat/pram and will stand up, make a fuss and be very vocal. It can be stressful and no matter what I try, distraction, music, books, singing etc she is on a mission but if I mention the word chocolate or treat she moves very quickly… funny that! The funny thing is, most of the time she forgets about it by the time we reach our destination. So yes, I do use bribery and it works so for me, but I do not need to be judged for it.

I must admit I didn’t really know what to write this week, I’m having a mental block. As things happen (like tantrums) I write my blogs on the night, I don’t plan it for a week and worry about if it is good enough because I just write how I feel on the night. It isn’t a perfect blog and I know it isn’t going to be to everyone’s cup of tea but writing this has helped my emotions and stresses and is a release.

Ava is full of personality and such a joy, but she is like the nursery rhyme

‘when she was good she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid’


Your stereotypical teen mum x

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