The wobbly bits about body confidence

Whether you were previously a size 6 or a size 16 pre baby, all our bodies change when we’re having a baby and the same goes for post baby.

Some snap back or some maybe need to take their time working off the baby weight but what is wrong with either? Our bodies are all so different so who is to say what they should look like! No-body should be comparing as it’s not a competition. If you’re happy with the way you look then rock it… if you’re not then whatever you decide to do is up to you, not what the articles are telling you to do nor the how lose the weight in 7 days like the stupid coffees (if it works for you then great but I’ve been there, done that, sat on the toilet for 7 days and lost nothing!)

I feel like today we need some individuality rather than being told what we should look like and the shaming needs to stop! I understand when you see these pictures of a new mum looking like they haven’t just had a baby as to those who are low in confidence see this as the expectation ( I felt very low after seeing pictures like this) but if that’s just the way they are then what’s wrong with that? However, we need rawness, no more filters and no more photoshop! We need an equal balance, we should be seeing post baby bodies of all types because that is the reality. What we have endured is bloody amazing, so we are all beautiful in our own way!!!!

We should embrace our bodies whatever they look like and we all need to unite because whether we have got that left-over baby weight or whether we lost it all, us mummies still have insecurities!

I say all of this, but I equally suffer with body confidence issues. Prior to Ava I had a size 10 tiny body (picture shown below) which would fit into anything and I’d not worry about going on holiday and needing to be in swimwear nor worry about angry, red tummy stretch marks but now I’ve realised that’s not my body anymore nor will ever be my body again. I used to feel sexy and buy nice underwear because I felt good when doing this but now I can’t get my boobs into anything and I just look like a blob… mind you, now a days I will pick my comfy big M+S knickers over the G-strings I used to wear!!! I’m not like my young friends anymore who look amazing in anything and I think this is something I struggled with a lot being so young, I realise that I can’t wear what they wear anymore because my body just doesn’t allow it so now I dress to my body shape and what suits me. Don’t get me wrong if you feel comfortable in something regardless of what you look like and if you’re happy then middle finger up to anyone who says different!

There have been days where I look at my body is disgust and I imagine what life was like before the c-section overhang and the tummy filled with stretch marks but then all it takes is for Ava to say mummy in her adorable voice or to look at me and smile and I remember who cares! That wobbly tummy carried life’s most precious thing and us mummies should all be so unbelievably proud.

This is what my body looks like now, no edit, no photoshop, I’m wearing a typical outfit and I have a wobbly tummy with stretch marks, but I have a gorgeous bubba that outweighs everything.

Slender or curvy, being healthy, happy and looking after your baby is more important then having to please the world with a specific image.

This doesn’t even need to apply to a mummy, whether you are a male or female we all go through some low body confidence in our lives, yet we are all so unique that you don’t need to make anyone happy about the way you look but yourself. Always be you.


Your stereotypical teen mum x

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