The pregnancy

Logically it would have made sense to have posted this before the new born bubble but I’m just writing whatever is coming to my head at the time so here we go… The pregnancy!

The ‘glow’ is something I never had… I wouldn’t consider a red, angry rash a glow but thank you to those who said pregnancy suited me and I looked great. Thanks for making me feel good but I looked very different in the mirror! saying that, I would have cried if they were honest… hormones eh!

Pregnancy for me meant HORMONES!!! The big H word that is a bunch of s*** really isn’t it. I’m not going to lie, I was a b****. I was moody,grumpy,annoying and everything else I do not want to admit! The smallest thing would send me crazy and potentially I could have murdered someone. Can I admit that that is actually how I sometimes felt. Hormones are just weird because if someone accused me of being hormonal when I actually thought I was feeling ok then I would cry or start defending myself! I wasn’t myself at all through out the pregnancy but maybe now I’m still a bit crazy some would say aha.

After I got over the shock of falling pregnant I thought of all the positives (obviously the baby being the main one ) but I thought when I go up to London I could actually have a seat for once, I’ve seen the women with the cute baby on board badge and people get up for them and I was like, yes, great. Nope, didn’t work for me… I remember going up to the baby show in London and thinking this is it, being pregnant is about to take it’s shine so instead of standing up with this load I’ll get a seat. Yup no… people just looked at me with that sort of ‘aw you’re having a baby’ then look away. Shattered my illusions… I’m sure I’ll get over it – eventually.

When you see the films about the pregnant women in their gym gear, keeping up their exercise and eating their healthy salads and looking like their life is together (why did I think this was real life- young and naïve obviously) I said to myself this would be me and at the start of the pregnancy I would glam myself up and then it all went downhill the further the pregnancy went on. Between work, college, being pregnant and getting things ready I really let myself go. I didn’t do anymore make up, wore joggers and maternity tops which for me by the way did NOT fit for very long, I didn’t exercise, and I ate whatever I wanted… whoops! I was gassy, my hair was always up in a bun (still have major mum bun vibes going on) and I lived in slobby clothes – really selling myself here aren’t I!

Let’s talk about the BOOBS. Oh my goodness, I was not prepared for this and they made me feel quite insecure. I think it really hit me when I wanted to enjoy the sun so I popped a bikini on and lets just say my mum and sister nearly wet themselves and well, my face in the picture sums the entire experience up (sorry I did try to include the picture but it didn’t allow it, shame it was a really good one aha!) Now I just have these saggy boobs who have had the life sucked out of them… bring back the perky ones!!!!

Reading this back, I sound like a real moaner but I promise you I’m not and by no means is my pregnancy anything compared to what some had gone through. I think every pregnant woman is incredible for what they go through and what our bodies produce is just breath taking so everything we go through, all the worry and stress, any health issues we develop and everything else that goes with it is so worth it and we should all be SO proud of each and everyone one of us so well done ladies.

What were your pregnancies like? I’d love to hear about them. Also, i think I’ll post my birth story experience next and please tell me about yours! I’m so fascinated about the different birth stories.


Your stereotypical mum x

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