The ‘newborn’ bubble

Just a disclaimer… I did say this wasn’t going to be your everyday blog so hence the glorious picture I’ve decided to post with this blog… enjoy!!

So, this blog is called ‘the newborn bubble’, for me this wasn’t all brilliant photoshoots or coming out of the hospital with my hair all done and my makeup done. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen women in labour or after having the baby looking AMAZING. Absolutely Flawless regardless of whether they’ve done themselves up or not but that was not me and never will be.

My reality was coming out of hospital looking horrendous, walking like I’ve just pooped by pants due to the lovely c-section.. motherhood is so beautiful! I will not forget those sexy Tena lady nappies! (although they are the comfiest pairs of pants I’ve ever worn ).

In the first week or month even, the picture included was pretty much what I looked like. I’m not complaining but I had an abundance of milk so breast pads didn’t do the job which meant I had tissue coming out of everywhere as a back up. My tummy which still hasn’t gone down nearly 2 years later (probably due to my constant on the go food or the amount of chocolate I eat so my fault entirely).

This picture to me was my reality of that first phase. I didn’t bother with dressing myself up, I spent the first month plus either in pjs or in my maternity joggers with milk leaking everywhere (quite embarrassing whilst being out and about), my nipples basically falling off, my hair was greasy, and no amount of make up would have covered up the bags under my eyes. And let’s not even start on the hairy legs…

That first phase was TOUGH. I’m not saying for one minute that I am the only person that struggled because I know millions go through the same and this isn’t some sob story about how exhausting it is because that’s what having a baby is all about- it’s not just about the good times.

Did anyone else go through the similar experience as I did? Motherhood for me is not glamourous and I’m past the point of caring..


Your stereotypical teen mum x

Ps… my editing skills are s*** I know aha, it’s not my calling in life!

2 thoughts on “The ‘newborn’ bubble

  1. Just come across this blog as someone I follow liked one of your pictures and can I say thank you so much for being so honest. I looked horrendous during all 3 of my births, I was a sweaty, red faced mess and then I saw all of these women all done up and I was quite envious but this blog makes me feel like I wasn’t alone. I’ll definitely be following you. Thanks again

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